Our Story

Meet Elia Gressin

Since I was a child I was fascinated with my grandmother’s medicinal herbs and plants.  “Mama Greta” used to tell me Plants are our sisters, and Mother Nature’s daughters because they can heal and restore our body and soul. My fascination with plants and natural medicine never ceased.

Some years ago, my daughter developed, a terrible skin rash, traditional medicine couldn’t solve it.  So I decided to study plants increasing my naturopathy knowledge, plant chemistry, and undertake natural cosmetic training.  Finally, through knowledge, love, and maternal instinct, I was able to develop an ointment that worked! Since then I have been working on other products to help appease the pain of other people.

I want to share these products with you, enjoy and follow your own instinct and connection with nature!


Our Products:
Nanita brings your skin to its natural balance.  Through a unique sustainable formula that uses exclusively Mother Nature’s ingredients:  flowers, plants, herbs, roots, leaves, and fruits.
My unique formulas include creams, ointments, shampoos, masks, and essential oils that day bring health, joy, and well being,

Our Commitment:

All our Organic Haie & Skin Care lines are Always Responsibly-Sourced, Handcrafted, and Never tested on animals.

We only use organic cold-pressed oils, tinctures, and herbal oils made with lots of love and patience by Elia in our atelier in Miami, Florida.



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